Faith & Politics – Episode 7

On Episode 7, we’re joined by Dr. Chris Burgwald, Director of Adult Discipleship and Evangelization for the Diocese of Sioux Falls to discuss HB 1057, known as the Vulnerable Child Protection Act, a bill filed Tuesday that would prohibit medical providers from prescribing puberty-blocking drugs and cross-sex hormones, or conducting mutilating Read more…

Faith & Politics – Episode 6

The Impeachment Episode. Dr. Jon Schaff, professor of political science at Northern State University joins the podcast again to discuss the third impeachment in American history, what it means for America, and what it means for us as Catholics and faithful citizens.

Faith & Politics – Episode 3

Abraham Lincoln, the virtues of prudence and moderation, and exploring the ways in which Lincoln’s thought on labor and property resonates with the church’s social doctrine, are the topic on this episode with special guest Jon Schaff, Professor of Political Science at Northern State University.